Impact the African Youth

1 Mind
Educating the youth to understand that knowledge is power. You believe in yourself and you can do anything you put your mind to.
2 Body
The fundamentals of basketball and being health conscientious will be a key aspect of this clinic.
3 Spirit
Teaching these kids about their inner spirit will help to raise their emotional intelligence. A positive attitude goes a long way.


Our Mission

Africa All Access – is a program designed to fully engage African communities in an exciting event highlighting athletics, healthcare, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to provide a day filled with inspirational offerings that engage the young attendees mind, body and spirit.

Our program resulted from the passion of our founders, Jerome Ringo, David West and Avery Hong. Jerome and Avery are the co-founders of Zoetic Energy, an innovative renewable energy company promoting leading edge solutions throughout the world. David, a member of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors and a partner in Zoetic,
has held basketball clinics in both the US and Africa. Through their combined vision, they have created an event that combines basketball instruction, healthcare services, exposure to relevant technology solutions and interaction with committed leaders from around the globe.

The program founders are focused on working with leaders in Africa from both government and non-government entities to support Africa’s youth. The future lies with them and their inclusion is critical from an early stage.

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Meet Our Team